Lake Tahoe Hypnosis
by Juan P. Acosta

Let Go Of What's Keeping You From The Life You Want

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The Power of Your Mind is UNLIMITED
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Free Yourself
From Fears
Do fears hold you back from doing the things you want to do? I can help you...
  • Build strong positive resources you can use anytime, like feeling invincible and ultra confident at the right time.
  • Break negative conditioned responses that cause those fears and create new more useful and empowering ones.
Improve Your 
Whether you're looking to improve your focus when golfing or to ace your next academic test, I can help you...

  • Improve your mental performance in any area, at any level. You can always do a little better… can’t you? Start today!
Release Useless & 
Negative Habits
Get rid of habits that no longer serve you by getting deeply in touch with what's truly important. I can help you...
  • Break the patterns that keep those unwanted habits coming back and start better ones.
  • Find alignment and clarity so that useless habits fall off your purpose-driven lifestyle.
Have A Naturally 
Relaxed Dental Visit
Visits to the dentist can feel like a day at the spa! I can help you...
  • Experience natural dental anxiety (fear of the dentist) relief and learn the skills you need to transfer your newfound confidence to other areas of your life.
  • ​Get a funny picture of yourself... like this one where everyone wanted to play along.
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Got Questions?
What Is Hypnosis?
"Hypnosis" has many definitions depending on who you ask... my favorite is that it's simply a communication style and delivery method for information. In the case of coaching and change-work I deliver motivational and empowering suggestions of personal breakthroughs and in the case of a stage performance or demonstration I deliver direct commands designed to turn into funny or amazing situations.

My friend James Hazlerig defined hypnosis as "the ability to get real results from imaginary events," (which I love,) yet people all over the world still debate whether it's a state of mind or altered consciousness... the answer is yes.

In-fact, because of it's name, hypnosis gets a bad rep but the hypnotic process is commonly seen in yoga, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, creative visualization, placebo, television commercials, news programs, politics, etc.
What Is Hypnocoaching?
Hypnocoaching is a blend of coaching methods with a hypnotic delivery, usually mostly conversational, with some eyes-closed processes when needed.

A proficient hypno-coach will help you deeply understand yourself and your objectives and help you craft a plan based on your needs, desires and feedback, to accelerate your achieving them.

The best way to understand how hypnocoaching can help you achieve more is by scheduling a FREE Strategy Session so we can talk about your specific situation.  
What Is Hypnodontics?
Hypnodontics is a growing dental specialty that deals NOT with the teeth themselves, but only with the mental and emotional aspects of dentistry that keep people from achieving proper oral health, such as: fears, dental anxiety, financial stress, negative/useless habits, etc.

Since 2013 I've been teaching Hypnodontics to dental and hypnosis professionals, in an effort to improve oral health worldwide. 
What If I'm Not Hypnotizable?
No, Seriously...?
Some people still ask this question... so I'll answer it by giving you a quick experience:

Imagine you’re seeing a dear childhood friend and hearing his or her voice... Remember one thing that you enjoy about your memory of this person and let it fill you up with joy as you breath in deeply...

Now, think about what just happened and answer this to yourself: Did you experience even a small emotional change as you brought back that childhood memory for a few seconds?

OK. Hypnosis is about evoking the kind of emotions that create the changes you want. 

So, if you could feel an emotion from just the thought of your childhood friend, you're hypnotizable enough to make profound permanent changes. 
More About Being Hypnotizable...
Hypnosis is a very flexible and forgiving process and your being hypnotizable is less about your skill as a subject and more about the hypnotist's skill at understanding HOW to hypnotize you, not whether or not you're hypnotizable.

Also... one can only "fail at hypnosis" if one is rigid about beliefs of what hypnosis is and expecting one single result, because maybe it's what it's shown on TV. In reality, hypnosis is experienced in so many ways that it's just a matter of understanding your preference. It's that simple.
Can You Help Me Stop Smoking?
Yes I can. Provided the decision to quit is coming from you and not from someone else saying you should quit, I can help you make your decision a permanent reality.
Can You Help Me Loose Weight?
Yes. I can help you find more joy in healthier foods, strengthen your motivation to exercise, and generally decide to adopt better habits to help you achieve your goals.
How Can Hypnosis Help?
After well over a decade of being "a hypnotist" I have concluded that hypnosis' most valuable tool is that of helping people detach from their current conditioned responses (to whatever) and creating new, more useful conditioned responses (to whatever.)

So if you have a fear... that's a response that has been conditioned to a certain stimulus... ie. seeing a spider = freak out. A simple hypnotic process can help relieve the feeling of spider = freak out and turn it into something more appropriate.

If you're studying for a test... I would help you condition a relaxed and confident response for the moment of your test (and anytime in life) so that you can feel and perform your best at test time.

If you're plagued by negative thoughts... which = negative action, then a hypnotic process can help you break your usual pattern and create a new one by using repetition and a little imagination.
Can I Get Stuck In Hypnosis?
No... while the effects of your hypnosis session can be long lasting and many cases permanent, the hypnotic state itself is just like a daydream. If I hypnotized you and died (I've been asked this many times) you'd just come out of your "daydream" after a few seconds (or minutes) and simply realize I've died. Hopefully you would have received the benefit of the process before that happened! :-)
So, Are You A Doctor?
No. I provide complementary care that many doctors like to offer their patients, but I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. 

I’m trained in hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programing (NLP,) and multiple other mind-body modalities, and a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner from the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute (HPTI) and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBCH.)
What If I Don't Want To Tell You My Secrets...?
In the event I wanted your secrets... which I don't... I would find it much easier to dig those out of you in your normal waking state.

In hypnosis, your senses are heightened and you're much more aware of yourself. Meaning you'll only say and do those things you feel are in your best interest, including safeguarding any appropriate information.
What If I Don't Want To Cluck Like A Chicken or Bark Like A Dog...?
Here again, you would only do that in a stage performance IF, and only if, you have volunteered and are happy to participate in the show in that way.

In your sessions with me, we would only arrive at barking like a dog if we determined together that THAT is exactly what you need you make whatever changes you're after. So... not a very likely scenario.

However, that is exactly how it works: as your hypnocoach, I will do whatever we decide is appropriate for you to reach your objectives. So let me know you don't want to cluck or bark and that will suffice.
Can You Really Help Me Ace My Test?
I can help you set yourself up for test success and be at your best relaxed peak state in the moment of your exam, so that you can have the clarity of mind needed to confidently recall information and breeze through the test.
Will I Be Asleep?
Not at all. In fact in many cases we don’t even do any eyes-closed processes… but if we do, you’ll simply be in a state of comfortable relaxation and hearing every single thing I say. Your senses will be heightened and your awareness enhanced. It’s truly enjoyable!
Can You Help Me Stop Grinding?
Yes. Clenching and grinding many times show up in response to internal conflicts, feeling out of balance in life and situations we worry about, even if subconsciously. 

After your Brux-away sessions with me your mind will be better equipped for dealing with those situations and you will have released the triggers that used to make you clench. Your jaw muscles will thank you, your teeth will thank you, and your dentist will thank you. This is a fantastic investment for your oral health.
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Hipnosis En Español?
                             Si, Claro!
Who Will Be Your Guide?
Juan Acosta is the author of the best-selling hypnotherapy book "HYPNODONTICS" and he speaks about the art of ethical influence at conferences and events around the US. As a certified hypnosis practitioner and coach he helps people like yourself achieve their personal and professional goals.
Juan spends his time doing what he loves, mostly in California. To schedule a hypnocoaching session with him please follow the link above or contact him directly at 
Juan And His Work Have Been Featured In...
Juan And His Work Have Been Featured In...